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Czarek Szołtysek

Czarek Szołtysek
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Supercars at night…duh (my favorite game while we were in the car when I was a kid  was to be able to recognize a car from the headlights)

Funny pictures about Supercars at night. Oh, and cool pics about Supercars at night. Also, Supercars at night.

Maserati MT4

Officine Speziallizate Costruzioni Automobili, or OSCA. They were small-displacement (usually sports-racing cars built by the Maserati brothers.

68' Camaro

My first car- a blue 68 Camaro. Bought it with my own money that I earned babysitting and working at the Hallmark shop in the Orange Mall. Yes, it even had that cool spoiler and rims!