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Tie rod truss system

This project involves tied rafter trusses, tie rod trusses, multiple angle steel tie rod truss connections, wood and steel truss system, fin plate and pin connections and hinge and pin connections.


wearegoingawol: “Carrytown Bikes in Virginia hooked Kyler up with an AWOL. Rad setup with front and rear racks. Have fun Kyler, stoked for You ” Now if only we could get our frames….

2016 Tour Divide Rigs

Here are the 2016 Tour Divide Rigs. Good Luck to all the racers in this year's Tour Divide, it's a life changing experience, one that will have you coming back for more.

No matter how many machines enter his shop, motorcycles will always have a special place in Chaz's heart (and, more importantly, his garage).

Can't find one thing to change-- guy style: boots, button up, roughed up but done up--- bike style: Matte black Honda SOHC custom with brown leather custom seat.