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the pendulum choices are shown in this poster
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Tree Of Life Pendulum Mat #wiccan #spiritual #metaphysical #witchcraft #altar #voodoo #magic #gifts Reading, Tree Of Life, Pendulum, Tarot Decks, Tarot, Divination, Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Mediums, Crystal Ball
Tree Of Life Pendulum Mat #wiccan #spiritual #metaphysical #witchcraft #altar #voodoo #magic #gifts
an image of a circle with arrows pointing in different directions and the words practice mat
How the use of a Pendulum can Improve your Wellbeing
Today I go into more detail on how to use a pendulum, how to do pendulum work, and the different ways to do dowsing.
a necklace with two hearts hanging from it's sides and a poem written on the back
Ask Your Pendulum - Wear It!
How to use a Pendulum for Chakra Work Meditation, Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Healing Stones, Chakra Healing, Reiki Symbols, Chakra Meditation
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How to use a Pendulum for Chakra Work
Yes/No Pendulum Boards Ideas, Ancient Aliens, Kawaii
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Yes/No Pendulum Boards
the front cover of a book with two hands holding an object in each hand and another hand
a wooden clock with numbers and symbols on it
♄The Hag's Cure♆
This is HOT etsycult: “ Moon Phases Pendulum Board by stoneandviolet ”
a clock made to look like the moon and stars on a black board with chalk paint
witch-sparkle: I made a pendulum board and a...
a wooden ornament that says yes maybe, no naye yes on it
Grove and Grotto - A World of Enchantment Since 2014
Woodburned pendulum board on Birch.
a wooden book with writing on it and a pentagramh in the middle that says maypole mes, don't know
Other Wiccan Products for sale | eBay
MINI Pentagram Pendulum Board HANDMADE -Wicca, Witch, Pagan | Everything Else, Metaphysical, Wicca | eBay!