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a drawing of a man holding a child in his arms and another person standing next to him
Part 7! The effects of ninpo overuse are beginning to take their toll So...this whole part wasn't in my plans at all when I was...
a drawing of a person hugging each other
rottmnt on Tumblr
a man is drawing in front of three glass cases
an anime character with long black hair and green eyes holding a skateboard in his hand
Автор: xinrouska
a woman holding a knife to her head with blood dripping from it
imágenes y comics de las Tortugas Ninjas 2019 (rottmnt) - 82
a drawing of a woman with her head down and eyes wide open, sitting in front of a purple background
@somerandomdudelmao ON TUMBLR YOOO
a person sitting on a skateboard in front of a wall with purple and blue graffiti
a drawing of an octopus with glowing eyes in the dark water, looking like it is floating
There are more than just bodies on the battlefield - Mikey