Caroline Piekos

Caroline Piekos

Caroline Piekos
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Beef Stew. Ok, yum! The beef is so tender and just melts in your mouth! @natashaskitchen

This hearty beef stew recipe will warm you up after a bone-chilling day. Simply brown the meat, sauté the veggies and let them stew together until time to ring the dinner bell. Get the recipe here from Natasha’s Kitchen.

Santa Hat Pretzels

Santa Hat Pretzels are too good to share immediately! These Santa Hat Pretzels Recipe will look fantastic on your Christmas cookie tray. This is a Sweet and Great way to give everyone an irresistible taste of Christmas spirit.

Pretzel, rolo, & pecan turtles! Bake for no more than 4 minutes. My 4-5ish bake time made for a few runnier rolos.

Mini Pretzels 20 Rolo Candies 20 Pecans Preheat oven to 300 On a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper, lay out all the pretzels. On top of the pretzel place the rolo. On top of the rolo place a pecan. Place in oven for ENJOY:)