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Montessori - Sensorial

Montessori sensorial materials are materials used in the Montessori classroom to help a child develop and refine his or her five senses. Use of these materials constitutes the next level of difficulty after those of practical life.
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The sound shakers help refine the auditory sense that is heightened with children 2.5-6 years old. This is a great activity that you can make at home and helps your child match sounds.


Smelling Bottles or Boxes. Material Description: Pairs of bottles containing various substances with distinct odors, such as spices, herbs and essential oils. Children match the smells together.


knobbed cylinder blocks with 10 cylinders. Assists children in developing visual discrimination of size, volume, thickness


Four boxes each containing a set of cylinders with the dimensions of the four cylinder blocks. Each set is a specific colour Set A is blue, differing in one dimension – height Set B is red, differing in two dimensions – width and breadth Set C is green and Set D is yellow, they both differ in all three dimensions, though Set C does so inversely and Set D regularly.


- 10 pink wooden cubes ranging from 1cm3 to 10cm3, differing in 3 dimensions. The cubes increase progressively in the algebraic series of the third power. Therefore, the second cube equals 8 of the first; the third cube equals 27 of the first etc…

The Red Rods develop visual discrimination of length, while height, color and width remain constant. This is picture of an extension you can use with the rods

Use of this material teaches the child visual discrimination of shades of color. This activity prepares the child for art activities.