Bocian - typowy mieszkaniec Polski #bocian #wiosna

Bocian [stork, may have been photographed in Poland;

Wspierajmy polskie lisy! #LisyWPolsce

Wspierajmy polskie lisy! #LisyWPolsce

Jaisalmer, Indie #pustynia #fotografia

The incredible story of one man's battle with depression through nature photography.

Matterhorn, Alpy, Szwajcaria #fotografia

Starry Night at the Matterhorn by Polish Mountain Photographer Karol Nienartowicz

Pluszowe klony #fotografia #ZdjęcieDnia

This Company Makes Exact Plush Toy Copies Of Your Pets The Cuddle Clones toy company makes custom plush-toy replicas of pets from photos sent in by their clients. The company’s founder, Jennifer.

Horror bałwana

Do You Want To Build A (Horrifying) Snowman?

Lew ucieka przed bawołami #KrólLew #zwierzęta #natura

Come back here, you big scaredy cat! Terrified lion runs for its life after a herd of buffalo chase it away Lion and lioness chased by buffalo on the Masai Mara in Kenya

Prawie jak w #TheWalkingDead

Thierry Cohen - Darkened Cities This is what our cities would look like without light pollution

Papuzi dance #taniec #zwierzęta

“ Three brown-hooded parrots (Pyrilia haematotis) sit on a branch in the rain at Laguna del Lagarto, Santa Rita, Costa Rica ” Picture: Bence Mate/NPL/REX

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