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there are many cookies that have sprinkles on them
Spring Peanut Clusters ~ White Chocolate coated Peanuts
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No Bake Buckeye Bars Recipe
Whip up this no bake buckeye bars recipe in minutes. Quick and easy chocolate peanut butter dessert recipe, perfect for the holidays.
4 Ingredient Buckeyes Make the Perfect Easter Candy!
How to make dreamy, creamy 4 ingredient buckeyes, peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. Easy small batch buckeye recipe perfect for the holidays! It's the quintessential must have no bake Easter candy and holiday dessert.
chocolate truffles with nuts and sea salt sprinkled on top
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Truffles - Sally's Baking Addiction
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Truffles
no bake cookie dough fudge on a plate
Best Cookie Dough Fudge Recipe - Cooking With Karli
Best Cookie Dough Fudge Recipe - Cooking With Karli
chocolate chip cookie dough cut into squares on top of parchment paper
Best Cookie Dough Fudge Recipe - Cooking With Karli
no bake cookie dough fudge
three ingredient crayon cheese mints in a small bowl with text overlay
Cream Cheese Mints - Cooking With Karli
Cream Cheese Mints are a deliciously simple treat to make all year round! I love to switch out the food coloring based on the next holiday so I always have a refreshing treat on hand for the season. |Cooking with Karli|
there are pieces of cake on the plate
Walnut Oh Henry Bars
A caramel, walnut, and coconut filling, sandwiched between graham crackers, and topped with a simple buttercream frosting. Walnut Oh Henry Bars are a deliciously classic Newfoundland Christmastime recipe.
some cookies are decorated with candy and sprinkles
Haystack Cookies - 2 WAYS! Haystack Cookies
No Bake Haystack Cookies have been around for years! This recipe is super easy to make and everyone seems to love them. Make them 2 different ways and pile them onto your holiday cookie platter. Will you make the peanut butter or chocolate version - or even both!?
a close up of some food on a table with other foods in the background and decorations around it
Peppermint Holiday Brownies
A nostalgic Newfoundland Christmastime confection, Marshmallow Coconut Balls are a no-bake cookie that will quickly become your new holiday favourite! If you add chocolate chips to the mix, they're almost like s'mores!
a bowl filled with christmas treats next to pine cones
Hairy Moose Droppings
A fun and festive no-bake cookie confection prepared with basic and inexpensive pantry ingredients, Hairy Moose Droppings are sure to get a giggle and definitely a big YUM too!