More ideas from Kuba

String Lights by Flos Nederland a black electric wire that sets up a relationship with the architecture of a space, precisely becoming part of the lines formed by the walls of a room.

Кресло-качалка для двоих своими руками.Недавно в Интернете нашла очень интересную информацию о том, как сделать кресло-качалку своими руками. На фотографиях все достаточно понятно изображено. Предлагаю вам эту идею.

Rocking-chair for two the hands. Recently found very interesting information on how to make a rocking-chair with own hands in the Internet.

Built in jack... Cool!

this skid plate/lift idea gives me some ideas of my own. >>found on this Special Land Rover Bowler Wildcat with TDI Diesel Engine or Petrol Jaguar Engine;