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three different colored stones arranged in the shape of a sunflower and a flower that has been placed on top of each other
a vase filled with rocks and plants on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Unleash Your Creativity: Must-Try DIY Projects on Pinterest!
a concrete bench with potted plants on it next to a wall and brick walkway
Stylish Serenity: Simple Living Bliss | home decor ideas home decorating ideas home decor inspiratio
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a chair sitting on the front porch with flowers in buckets
Spring Front Porch: Le Jardin Brocante | French Creek Farmhouse
a large metal bucket filled with lots of different colored daisies and other wildflowers
two pictures one with a chair and the other with a book shelf on it, both have different styles of furniture
Awesome transformation
a large metal barrel filled with lots of flowers
An old-fashioned milk can planted with Summerwave Torenia, Creeping Jenny, and Diamond Frost
a bucket filled with lots of different colored flowers
three metal buckets filled with plants sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a tree
Container Herb Gardens + Herb Garden Ideas | Family Food Garden