pom-pom balloons

Pom-Pom Balloons!

balloon-craft glitter pom poms attached with glu from hot glue gun. Put glu on pom pom then attach to balloon. Super cute idea for kids birthday parties.

6,000 year old kiss- Khorasan, Iran.

“ 6000 year old kiss. ” It was released in January I believe … Hasanlu is an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley. These skeletons were found in a.

Cactus cardón

Cactus cardón, the world's tallest species of cactus.Otherwise known as the organpipe cactus. They grow near the Arizona/Mexico border.(Big enough for the "tree" category!


Contemporary Dance Maureen Fleming: "the waters of immortality" photography by Lois Greenfield

"This is what I am going for with my design; the idea of light casting shadows of a beautiful pattern" This photo is just brilliant.

summer inspired shadow pictures on the wall birds show the freedom thats come to us all , get out enjoy the sun and feel woolly on the inside not on the outside , winter has gone heart warming photo art

Grace Kelly and her bridesmaids, April 19, 1958. Photographed by Howell Conant

Grace Kelly and her bridesmaids - April 1956 - Photo by Howell Conant.Such a beautiful dress! Grace Kelly truly looks like a princess

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Bouroullec brothers

Ronan und Erwan Bouroullec - Clouds, 2002 - Polystyrene - x x 40 cm. - Courtesy Galerie Kreo, Paris © Paul Tahon and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

I imagine sisters should love each other like this, happily sharing in the others' presence.

awww....great picture idea

What is LOVE? Love is the Blackness that fills the night sky. the Blackness in the WOMB at the height of the thigh. It's the INNER(G) responsible for both of these things--and, the harmony that vibrates as the UNIVERSE sings. LOVE is. IN BLACK