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an image of the back side of a poster with words on it and pictures of different items
Spaceballs by Ritualist on DeviantArt
Spaceballs by Ritualist
the comic strip shows how cars are driving in different directions
Flying forms
an image of some cars driving on the same track as other vehicles in different directions
"Tabletop Conventions" (Switzerland, Poland, Germaney) by CineHeathen #polandball #countryball #flagball
an image of some sort of cartoon character with different colors and shapes on it's face
an info sheet describing the different types of vehicles in each country, and how they are used
1938: Germany lost in a football match and fight everybody 2014: Germany beat Brazil (7-1)
an info sheet showing the various types of boats in different colors and sizes, including one with
Poland disfarces
Rome doesn't give a flying bird
Rome doesn't give a flying bird
two red balls with faces on them, one has an angry face and the other has a
Don't mess with Kurwa. - Funny
Don't mess with Kurwa.
two cartoon pictures with different types of flowers
Germany's Day At Wörk
Germany's Day At Wörk
an image of a red white and black ice hockey rink with the words meanwhile, in opposite land
Polandtangle - polandball post
Polandtangle And it should be "Dzień dobry", not "dobry dzień"
an image of different types of boats on the water
an airplane with two different colors on it and another plane in the middle, one is red