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Ocular implants [Cyberpunk: Contact Lenses: Implants: Cyborgizations:]

I blinked, my eyes were a camera lens. I could record or take images with my eyes. I was a weapon, a spy. The Republic Order sent me to spy on the enemy, but they knew I become fr (Cool Gadgets For Girls)

Awesome Concept Art by Nivanh Chanthara

DeviantArt’s shares a cyberpunk, sci-fi vision of the future. His work includes an clear nod to Hong Kong’s high-density architecture and the dystopian Kowloon Walled City.

Les incroyables matte paintings de science-fiction de Stefan Morell

rhubarbes: rhubarbes: One Is The Loneliest Number by StefanMorrell. (via One Is The Loneliest Number by StefanMorrell - CGHUB) More concept art here.