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someone is holding an open book with the words you asked for this 19 serial killerer books to binge read
16K views · 1.9K likes | Magen 💜 Thriller Bookstagrammer 💀 Tulsa, OK on Instagram: "All the titles in this reel are written below 👇🏼 I ran a poll on my stories recently about which types of thrillers you’d be interested in seeing and the majority said serial killer thriller books. (I also had tons of you DM me saying you want to see them all featured, which I’ll get around to doing soon.) So, I delivered. 😳 I probably over delivered actually. I couldn’t help it! I kept pulling title after title off my shelves and before I knew it, I had 19 of them! In order to fit them all in with the song I chose, I sped up the video a bit. AND I included all the titles in one frame that you can screenshot on the reel (and you can pause the reel) OR you can screenshot the titles below OR you
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the fifth child by doris lessing is shown in front of a blurry image
23 Brilliant Books That Are Short Enough To Read In A Weekend Book Lovers, Pretty Little Liars, Great Books, The Supernatural
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23 Brilliant Books That Are Short Enough To Read In A Weekend