4th of July, Memorial Day & Veterans

Some of my decor and others inspiration.
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a red, white and blue american flag made out of beads
a chevrolet camaro painted in the colors of the american flag with stars and stripes
Custom Chevrolet Camaro is ultimate tribute to fallen servicemen - Autoblog
an old style motorcycle with the american flag painted on it's side car is parked in a parking lot
Jessica / Lucky☘ on Twitter
an american flag painted on the back of a truck in a field with grass and trees
Picture memes 9KyPftEs8 by EugeneGeneBasinger_2021: 17 comments - America’s best pics and videos
an old american car with stars and stripes painted on it's side in a parking lot
A patriotic 57 Chevy...
an old truck painted in the colors of the american flag