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XPRIZE Tricorder Technology

Pins about technology used in our Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE finalist submission
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Vitaliti Health Monitor - The worlds most advanced wearable! - monitors Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Core Body Temp, Blood Oxygen Level, Blood Pressure, ECG, Steps, Calories, Movement, Acceleration, Steps, Activity... Pre-order yours today!

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Vitaliti Health Monitor in action measuring multiple channels of data simultaneously including Heart rate, Blood Pressure, ECG, Pulse Ox, Temperature, Calories, Activity... The worlds most advanced wearable health monitor! Pre-Order yours today!

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Vitaliti Health Monitor developed for our finalist submission to the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition. - The worlds most advanced wearable health monitor! Monitors - Pulse rate, Pulse rate variability, ECG, Blood pressure, Core body temp, Blood oxygen level, steps/activity, calories burned, breathing rate, recovery rate, V02 max... Pre-order yours today!

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Vitaliti User Interface, work in progress... most advanced wearable ever built! measures Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level, Breathing Rate, Cardiac Stress, Steps, Calories, Metal Acuity... we can derive hydration levels, V02 max, Cardiac and Respiratory Recovery levels, REAL fitness index and trends... Learn more:

Vitaliti Health Monitor in action, measuring Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Temperature, Calories burned, Activity, Blood Oxygen Levels, distance... The worlds most advanced wearable. Pre-order for a limited time!