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They were trying to get into a mental hospital. It worked.

I love that they just tell the doctor the truth to get admitted to the mental hospital.: "Oh, you mean like an angel on your shoulder." Sam: "No, no, his name is Castiel, he wears a trench coat.



haha. I realize I MAY have a sick sense of humor.... but i don't care!

*With a chop-chop here, and a stab-stab there! Here a stab! There a stab! Everywhere a stab-stab.

Este rose ficou simplesmente maravilhoso #Unhas #nails #dior

Safari Beige 219 is a cool-toned nude with a strong pink undertone. J-M recommended it. I've never been into nude polishes before, but now I weirdly like the Barbie hands effect and this shade looks great with that pink undertone compared to others.