Clementine marsh

Clementine marsh

Clementine marsh
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Yandere Simulator - Oka and Spider by on @DeviantArt

Wanned to draw Oka Ruto saving a spider from the rain. Sorry for my bad english Yandere Simulator - Oka and Spider

Ayano X Budo 22 by YerlyGarces2 on DeviantArt

Resultado de imagen para budo masuta x ayano aishi mmd

I love how ladybug and well.ladybug are getting along and then chat and chat are just like "im gonna kill you" "not if i kill you first"

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Budo and Ayano! by Minori1997 on DeviantArt

I was bored so i decide to draw them again! I'm really suck draw love. Don't comment if you don't like Don't steal or i report you Ayano and Budo belongs to Yandere Dev

childhood friends (budo x ayano) by Choulaphone

it's so wonderful if them is childhood friend well it's just my autism, so it's not relate true story in yandere simulator. childhood friends (budo x ayano)