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two water lilies floating on top of a body of water
Water lilies by Claude Monet // saw this in person at Museé D'Orsay in Paris. Do this on a black canvas
Paris by Monet | Claude Monet » Monet_St._Lazare_Station_Paris Paris, Urban Art, Harvard Art Museum, Musée D'orsay, Plein Air Landscape, Maurice Utrillo, Monet Paintings, Claude Monet Paintings
Paris by Monet | Claude Monet » Monet_St._Lazare_Station_Paris
a painting of water lilies and other flowers
Monet - Este trabalho é parte de uma série de cerca de 250 pinturas. As pinturas retratam jardim de Monet em Giverny, na França.
an old photo of a man in a garden with flowers and plants around him,
Inventando a Abstração
a painting of an open gate in the middle of a garden with flowers and trees
poboh: The Garden Gate, Claude Monet.
a pond surrounded by trees with leaves on the ground and water in front of it
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Monet’s Tree. I honestly have trouble deciding if thats really a painting
an oil painting of a sunset over the water with a church in the distance,
Nenúfares de Monet
Quimera Insular: Nenúfares de Monet (Pontilhismo) O Pontilhismo é uma técnica de pintura, saída do movimento impressionista, em que pequenas manchas ou pontos de cor provocam, pela justaposição, uma mistura óptica nos olhos do observador (imagem).
a painting with boats floating in the water
Oscar-Claude Monet ( 1840-1926), foi um pintor francês, considerado o maior entre os pintores da escola impressionista.
a painting of a building with gondolas on the water
Contarini Palace, Venice - Claude Monet as art print or hand painted oil.
Monet, gostava de pintar água por conta do reflexo. Impressionismo
a painting of a bridge over a river with water lillies and trees in the background
Art Monet Mais
an image of a parade going down the street with many flags flying in the wind
Rue Saint-Denis, Holiday of June 30 1878 by Claude Monet
Claude Monet - Rue Saint-Denis, Holiday of June 30 1878 (1878)
a painting of flowers in a vase with water lillies on the bottom and pink background
Claude Monet. … Más
two people walking on the beach at sunset
Sunset at Pourville (Detail) - Claude Monet , 1882 French 1840-1926 Oil on canvas, 23 5/8 x 32 1/8 inches.
an abstract painting of water lilies and lily pads
Inventando a Abstração
a green house with pink flowers growing on it's windowsill and steps leading up to the front door
Diário do entardecer...
Monet’s home, Giverny!!