Yep, these claw-like nails could be intimidating but you can make it work to your advantage by painting it with a fuchsia pink nail polish in matte. Since the shape is like the accent, you don’t have to add other design

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The Nailasaurus: Gradient Nails Revisited; Barry M Bright Purple as a base and Barry M Silver Foil for the gradient

In today's video I am showing you my way of making the awesome Mirror Nails. I am using a metallic powder called Metal Manix by Indigo.

Tired of doing single toned nails and the same old boring patterns? I'm sure you must be looking for some new ideas of nail art.

Look sophisticated with this violet and periwinkle Ombre nail art design. It looks smooth and clean yet gives you a strong impression.

I made a simple striping tape nail design and kept the colors somehow neutral with a little bit of shine. Let’s take a look.