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a small hedgehog standing on its hind legs with it's front paws up
funny hedgehog
a small hedge wearing a sombrero and holding it's head in someones hand
64 Photos Of Animals Wearing Hats
Angry hedgehog is angry...
a hedgehog is playing with a toy on the ground next to a blue ball
a small hedge wearing glasses and a scarf
a hedgehog with an evil smile on it's face
a hedgehog holding a wand in front of an image of harry potter and his friends
a hedgehog sitting in an orange chair using a laptop
a small hedgehog is being kissed by someone's foot
a hedgehog sitting in front of a laptop computer
a hedgehog sitting at a table with two cups and saucers in front of it
a hedge sitting in a bathtub surrounded by soap bubbles and rubber ducky toys
'Can I stay and play in the Bath for 10 more minutes Mum?' - Hedgehog by Elena Eremina