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a sign hanging from the side of a building that says weekend on it's front
The Brand Identity – Graphic Design’s Greatest
When the Belgian brand ‘Dorst’ wanted to shift its business into a new space, they realised they needed a few things. Previously, the brand functioned in solely B2B space, offering high-quality pre-batched cocktail-on-tap solutions sold directly to bars or events; but as it expanded into a D2C space with read-to-serve drinks, it reached out to Amsterdam and Belgium-based design studio FCKLCK for a complete brand refresh. The team at FCKLCK came in all guns blazing – to start off, they renamed th
a black piece of paper with writing on it that says,'i am not sure what this is
Par Benoit Furet
#typography #calligraphie #calligraphy #benoitfuret #furet #pitersait
two booklets with the words milkish and milkish written in white on them
Logotype for MILKISH Bureau of architecture & design
a computer screen with an image of a woman's face and the words ga design for art
rga — Bruno Café
rga - Bruno Café (Da Silva) – Design Director
a black and white photo with red accents
rga — Bruno Café
rga - Bruno Café (Da Silva) – Design Director
an old computer screen with the text on it
a person holding up a book with the word prime on it's front cover
Space307 branding and visual design
a close up of a piece of white paper with black writing on it and a window in the background
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