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The actual rendering time is about 4 minutes for an HD rendering 1200x1200 frame (rendered on a system based on a single Pentium Quad Core with 8 gigs ram) --5 different hair systems for a total of 190k hair primitives.

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Chimp (ANIMATED) (FUR) (ID: 712006)

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4 animation sets have been included in separate Maya files (referenced to the main rig) to make them easier to use: -RUN loop - 35 frames -WALK loop (quadruped) - 69 frames -wALK loop (biped) - 35 frames -WALK/STAND UP (quadruped to biped) – 80 frames

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Also ears and jaw have controls and many extra features are included: for example if you click on the FN curves you'll see a bunch of attributes you can toggle on or off to switch the animation methods you want to use. There are also things like finger/toe spreading, fist, bend etc. Also eye blinking included. Have a look at the preview images to see a few controls examples.

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The Shave and Haircut Fur is included in each Maya 2011 format (ma/mb). *Please always use an updated Shave and a haircut release to avoid rendering issues. The model is provided in the standard pose.

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Chimp (2) (ANIMATED) (FUR) (ID: 711996)

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SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT NOTES: The Fur is made with Shave and A Haircut for Maya 2011 so you would need that software to render the fur out. For an even better render quality you can increase the hair primitives' count up to your machine memory limit.

The Maya 2011 formats are ready to render exactly as you see above with mental ray and Shave and A Haircut settings. The Maya 2011 formats are set with the '3' button for the geometry approximation preview and render. Maya 2011(ma/mb) polycount (quads) (including eyeballs/teeth/tongue): 12782

RIG AND ANIMATION NOTES: This model is rigged using simple ikHandles and NURBS primitive control objects to help achieve realistic animations of the limbs, joints, and muscles. Control objects can be easily manipulated through the transform tools to achieve desired animations.-

Each asset includes all the following formats: .mb (maya 2011 binary) .ma (maya 2011 ascii)

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