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two white shelves decorated with christmas decorations and greenery, one is hanging on the wall
How cute are these shelves !?!
two vases with plants hanging from them in front of a window
People In This Group Are Sharing Decor Ideas That Improved Their Homes 100% (40 Pics)
We all want to be proud of our humble abodes. But determining what color scheme and furniture best compliment a space can feel like a monstrous task when interior design just doesn’t come innately.
two black towels hanging on a wooden shelf above a towel rack with candles and plants
10 DIY Great Ways to Upgrade Bathroom 10
Rustic Wood Pallet Furniture Outdoor Furniture Double Towel Rack Bathroom Shelf Rustic Home Decor Wall Shelf by BandVRusticDesigns on Etsy:
Creative Woodworking Project Ideas - Woodworking Gift Ideas
an old wooden desk in the corner of a room with potted plants on it