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Evil Samurai Mask And Skull Warrior Full Sleeve Tattoo For Guys

Immortalize the brilliantly bloody legacy of warriors with the top 100 best Japanese samurai mask tattoo designs for men.

Just wanted to see what a half mask would look like as well as if I could get it to look like metal. I will be doing a full metallic mask as well, which. Lion of the Wind half mask metallic

DIY Harry Potter Death Eater Mask

So you want to be a Death Eater? Shame on You! But hey, you get to wear a gool's the complete DIY instructions for making your very own Harry Potter Death Eater Mask.

Bone Warrior, Aged Bone Skull Mask/Demon Skull/ Horror Halloween, Costume, finished.

Handmade demon skull Halloween mask "Bone Warrior" created by Morgan Hughes Originally sculpted in Monster Clay medium, molded in smooth-ons mold star with a plastipaste jacket then cast in a high quality hard resin.

When he was young, a vampire infected him with vampirism, making him a stalker of the night. Despite this, his mother continued to raise him, getting hated on by her fellow villagers. One day they killed his mother and tried to burn him, but he had grown in his vampiric powers and escaped. Now he hunts down dark vampires and finds those who are infected, yet follow the path of light.

Night Stalker by Lee Kent (detail)EDIT don't like how pasty he is but other whise way cool.