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U3SD9g0.png (500×750)

A grizzly bear cub is taught how to fish in salmon-packed waters by its mother in Kamchatka, Russia. Photograph: Marco Mattiussi/Solent News & Photo Agency/Solent News

internet find. source unknown.

The Maned Wolf is the largest canid in South America, resembling a large fox with reddish fur. This mammal is found in open and semi-open habitats, especially grasslands with scattered bushes and trees throughout South America. The maned wolf is the tall


Art ~ American artist Janet Echelman makes huge, sculptural nets that are colorful and billowing during the day, and light up the skyline like beautifully bizarre jellyfish at night.

Funny pictures about Interesting spotted dog. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting spotted dog. Also, Interesting spotted dog.

message on billboard only visible to children for child abuse

This is a brief video showing an anti-child abuse ad created by the Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation in Spain. At an adult's glance, it looks like a normal child's face, but when viewed at an.

land of the free 3d typography by chris labrooy

rv trailer with typography: land of the free by chris labrooy

New Orleans 1950's - Imgur

burgeoning street performers_ “theshinyboogie: Parade, New Orleans, William Claxton, from Stop Smiling 34 ”

internet find. source unknown.

The Maltese Tiger The unique Maltese Tiger is the rarest tiger in the world. It is also known as Blue Tiger. The Maltese tiger, or blue tiger, is a reported but unproven coloration morph of a tiger, reported mostly in the Fujian Province of China.

Babel. by duster132 on deviantART

DeviantArt’s shares a cyberpunk, sci-fi vision of the future. His work includes an clear nod to Hong Kong’s high-density architecture and the dystopian Kowloon Walled City.

Ellen-Jewett-9.jpg (610×771)

Canadian artist Ellen Jewett makes extremely detailed animal sculptures that combine realism with curious elements of fantasy. Canadian artist Ellen Jewett makes extremely detailed animal sc

TMB Panyee FC and their floating soccer field

TMB Panyee FC short film- Even though this is a short film about a floating island in Thailand and their futbol club, it is inspirational.