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Lol this is beautiful

One of my priests was giving a sermon at adoration and he happened to mention the Whore of Babylon and I couldn't stop thinking about Supernatural and their Whore of Babylon

Although technically Supernatural happened on Supernatural a fourth time at that convention.

If you count the convention, supernatural happened on supernatural four times<<< Supernatural happens in Supernatural so often it's.

Gabriel and Castiel's Brother Moment ||| Supernatural 9x18 "Meta Fiction" loved that Richard came back for this!!

The awesome parallel scene with Cas and Gabriel in the Impala. <<<oh Gabe and Balthazar. And Lucifer are my favorite SPN characters, though I loved souless Sam as well xD

Did you realize it until this? Youst FOUR EPISODES and now I pretty miss him.... <---- more now, man....

I feel like he's on a lot more because of how loved he is! I guess 4 episodes is enough to show how awesome he is ♥


One is one of the most adorable things ever. The other is a cat.<< only in supernatural, Satan is a cutie and we love him