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she was always bruised ans there was nothing they could do, only try and heal her

If I couldn't withstand this pain, How would I ever live with the fact that everyone around me is slowly dying.

PP said: Cuts & Bruises - Fatima Anti-violence Organization - The project was a Graphic design campaign done by Nouran Farrag about domestic violence in women. My role in the project was to show with the help of makeup some examples of how women are brutally harassed by their husbands and boyfriends especially in Egypt.

To me an image that represents something that the actors need to know to understand the to perform the play is the end of scene 3 , when Emily gets beaten several times by Amir when he finds out she cheated on him.

...what if that bruise was on the inside, and no one could see it.[this is what I wanna do!... I wanna make photography that matters and makes people think so badly!<3]

Good example of a newly blackened eye. The blood pooled around the cheekbone and bottom of eye socket. For my makeup, I think I will add some putty on my eye to make it more puffy and severe.


How to camouflage bruising from procedures with makeup.

How to camouflage bruising from procedures with makeup. Jane Iredale has an amazing concealer for bruises from Dermal Fillers!