Shameful Self Promotion!!!!!!

Just some stuff I do.. ya know? On the side, when I'm not being a super, awesome, uber-cool mega stud.
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same old shit freestyle 2011 R.A.R.R.

same old shit freestyle 2011 R.

this nothing is nowhere rarr

in the nothing of nowhere, nothing can effect your soul, but if you have nothing to loose or nowhere for you soul to blossom, why hold on or why let go

the killing joke r.a.r.r.

a tribute of sorts, to not only the character and lovable, insanity bred, maniac clown the Joker, but to all of those who somewhat find a glint of themselves.

circuit bird rarr

an outrageous, contorted and wonderfully transmorphed rendition of 'surfing bird'

Crash & Burn, R.A.R.R., 2009

Crash & Burn, produced by Bobby Dxine, Recorded in early a rough copy of the old recording recovered from older, rediscovered media files

this way down-by R.A.R.R.

Bobby Dxine, off of 'The Recidivism Sindrome' album; beat produced by Bobby Dxine

through it all-by R.A.R.R.

through it all-by R.A.R.R.