Tōkyō Tower

Looking for a spot to sip on drinks while enjoying the stunning Tokyo skyline? Here are Enable Japan's top 4 recommendations.

Reflection Contemplation

as it was out of my camera except for very slight color adjustments. I love the delicate, lace-like intricacy of the ripples in this one.

a friend in god

(sf civic) (taken .homeless marylou from kentucky sitting on sidewalk panhandling as the sun breaks through. when asked about her friends: "i call them associates. my only friend is god." (not cropped)

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Birthday Girl (1956)

It's been 50 years since this shot was taken, but there is a part of me that still feels just like that inside. So I got her a gift for her birthday today.

[firsts] thirty-something

When it comes to relationships, focus on quality over quantity. Spend your time with friends who love and appreciate you, and who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways.

far from shore

(man in tenderloin, sf, fred from new york sitting just off the sidewalk against a building. fred is a former longshoreman.

still standing

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Malaysian sunset

Taken with an EOS and scanned

Pine beach

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