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babygirl629: I want morning and noon and nightfall with you. I want your tears, your smiles, your kisses…the smell of your hair, the taste of your skin, the touch of your breath on my face. ~ Lisa Kleypas xoxo

her-gift-his-honor:sublime-musings: I wouldn’t mind spending my days, Wrapped in your arms, Intoxicated by your scent, And drunk on your love.Kelly Sublime Musings 2015 (please do not remove) noir

Katerina Plotnikova Photography

wetheurban: “ NOT PHOTOSHOPPED: Katerina Plotnikova Photography (Update) Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova (born with the help of professional trainers and their animals, has completed a.

Photography by Katerina Plotnikova | #photography #animals

Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova consistently produces gorgeous portraits of young women cradling exotic animals as if they'

Use mirrors to create illusions, as in this self-portrait by 18 year old photographer Laura Williams

woman-holding-mirror-on-grass-reflection. self-portrait of photographer Laura Williams, an artist from Cambridge, UK. The mirror illusion was achieved in post-production using Photoshop with the idea of being ‘invisible’ or ‘transparent’.

Katerina Plotnikova on...

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova creates, what she calls 'another tale about wonderland'. The various photographs bring forth a beautifully shot series that includes images of human/wild animal interactions and whimsical fashions.