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First swaddle blanket in the hospital.
How long you should hold your baby after feeding and how that affects gas and reflux
9 ways to soothe a fussy newborn
Watch me calm a colicky baby
Baby Tips for Calming Baby
Attention New Parents
a pink and black polka dot pacifier on top of a baby seat with a purple cup
For the little cup throwers!!
a blue spray bottle with the words monster spray on it and an image of a cartoon character
This is a really neat idea! I may be doing this for my little one! This is NOT a link. Just a picture!
a blue cart filled with diapers next to a bathroom sink and toilet paper on the floor
Get Prepped for Parenthood with These Sweet Baby Room Ideas
Set up a Diaper Station -
a blue poster with the words positive things to say to your child in black and white
66 positive things to say to a child | unattributed