More ideas from Daria

A handmade stoneware tea mug shaped like a cute little elephant with a handy compartment to stash a tea bag after brewing. You can find it on urban outfitters

Fresco Garden Pot - wax resist on CCS under whitebird?

Fresco Garden Pot - Wax resist technique, i like the patterns and the color contrast of these ceramic pots/vases

:).... Pots for the garden!....

Ceramic House Pot - lovely, and also practical, ceramic work - could make similar using a coiled pot as opposed to needing a form or mould :) .

Jj Vincent ceramic tall cats

Stoneware clay animal sculptures by ceramic artist JJ Vincent. Exclusive pet portrait figurines, Hares, dogs and other animals with attitude are a speciality. Handmade in Cambridge, England.

Modern Ceramics Origami Boat Snack Dish

Sail far and wide and enjoy continental snacks from the comfort of your house. Born in folds and handcrafted in Queretaro, this snack dish makes even the boring