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a man holding his hands up to his head with the words hmmm in front of him
mag xuri kkaa
an image of a man on his phone with the text'may ibanaba add friend message '
Meron nba?
an image of someones profile on their facebook page with the message'umiwak ako ngayun '
two men sitting at a table and one is holding a cell phone
a girl with long hair and an english text on her face that says nagsilos ako in english i'm jalosi
I'm so jalosi
the title for an animated video game with neon lights and stars in the background, which reads
the title for you're so kavya sayo akoe, written in neon
idol na talaga kita
a bunch of sticks with the words nasa pocky ko written on them in white
yung ano na naman sis
an image of a cartoon character with text that reads, parang may melandi somewhere
Somebody To You
an old school style video game with palm trees and the sun in the background,
My life in a nutshell
an old school style video game with the words kinikilg ako
kilig aq bhi