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Reconstruction armor 1340-1360 g Germany Research group "Хранители"

Reconstruction armor g Germany Research group "Хранители" Armor transitional Chain mail armor great helm helmet

Yuezhi (Kushan) Warrior

Hammurabi created an army to protect his civilization from any invaders. I would want this in my world because feeling protected is very important to a civilization.

A late Edo period photograph showing kusari katabira (chain armor jacket) and hachi-gane (forehead protectors) being worn by three ashigaru (foot soldiers) along with a samurai wearing traditional armor.

Samurai wearing kusari katabira (chain armor) - Kusari (Japanese mail armour) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Byzantine Military: The Battle of Tricamarum - The Roman Re-Conquest of North Africa

Vandal/Alan warriors century AD, having crossed the Straits of Gibralter into North Africa, about to begin the final phase of their epic journey from the banks of the Rhine.