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two champagne glasses sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cake and rose petals
How to Throw a Fabulous Galentine's Day Party at Home - Haute Off The Rack
three women sitting on the floor with red balloons and heart - shaped balloons in front of them
Galentines day!
several bottles of wine are arranged in a circle on top of an ice tray with roses
10 Rosés I'm Drinking This Summer. (And a Cheese Board, Of Course!)
two wine glasses filled with pink and blue yarn next to a bottle of chandon
How to Make Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails
there are many strawberries on the wooden board next to each other and flowers in vases
Kylie Jenner receives a sea of sunflowers following Valentine's Day
a table topped with lots of pink balloons and tassels next to a window
Party Planning: A Red & Pink Lip-Themed Galentine’s Get Together
a room filled with lots of pink and red heart shaped balloons hanging from the ceiling