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Exceptional Roofing Garden Minimalista Ideas is part of Green facade - All Time Best Roofing Garden Minimalista Ideas Exceptional Roofing Garden Minimalista Ideas

The Living Wall Reindeer Moss Tile Green is made of one hundred percent natural reindeer moss. It can be used on any vertical surface, giving a touch of nature indoors by creating unique interior design spaces. Get a sample today!

Living Wall Moss Tile Green 15 x 23

The Living Wall Moss Tile Green (Preserved, not alive) creates unique interior design environments with a touch of nature. Used on walls, it adds an impressive dimension to the public and private interior spaces. The word "Living" in the title of the product is referring to the concept of giving "life" to an interior wall by adding a real plant, although preserved to it. Below is a summary of the advantages of the Living Wall Moss Tile: Maintenance-free (As long as air humidity is around…

Green Dunes is a large SAG Smart Acoustic Green vegetal picture with an awesome vegetal sculpture depicting dunes. Green Dunes, instead of sandy ones plus an iconic lonely green tree.

Green Dunes by Aldo Cibic for Blumohito

Aldo Cibic was commissioned by Blumohito to create Green Dunes, a 3D vegetal sculpture depicting dunes, as part of Downtown Design Dubai 2014.

Miraculous Useful Tips: Small Artificial Plants Garden Design artificial plants indoor kitchens.Artificial Plants Diy How To Make artificial garden astroturf. Decor, Living Wall, Outdoor Decor, Privacy Walls, Trellis, Space Dividers, Restaurant Seating, Grass Backdrops, Fiberglass Planters

English Ivy Trellis Space Divider in Fiberglass Planter 36inL x 12inW x 72inH

Get an outdoor space divider that's as attractive as it is effective. Part ivy privacy fence, part trellis, this piece is fully customizable.

Circa Dos Apartments Queensland Innovative Rigging Systems An excellent example of a simple cable trellis this photo was taken 4 months after planting Trellis uses Jakob.

Circa Dos Apartments, Queensland | Innovative Rigging Systems. An excellent…

Circa Dos Apartments, Queensland | Innovative Rigging Systems. An excellent…

Green Walls in Good Will Inc.

Green Walls

May 1, 2008: The headquarters for Goodwill has been completed. The building provides a new workplace environment for administrative staff and engineers who build and maintain the industrial kitchen…

These stunning plants work hard to create outdoor privacy. These outdoor privacy plants are easy to manage, and a great addition to your yard. Try these plants for outdoor privacy!

VT Home: A Green Thumb In Design

The biggest trend we are seeing at the moment are 'green walls' or vertical gardens in interior as well as exterior spaces. Here are some my favorite inspirations as well as my own

Searching for "Going Green Solutions?" The Jakob Inox Line Green Solutions catalogue guides you through some of the best options that may suit.

MFO-Park by raderschallpartner ag | Parks

2007 Nomination für den International Urban Landscape Award 2006 Auszeichnung guter Bauten im Kanton Zürich, Anerkennung 2006 Auszeichnung für gute..

80 Impressive Climber and Creeper Wall Plants Ideas 80 Impressive Climber and Creeper Wall Plants Ideas – Impressive Climber and Creeper Wall Plants Ideas – Easy and Impressive Indoor Living Plant Wall

Green Walls - Jakob Green Wall Solution from MMA

The Jakob Green Wall system uses a combination of high-quality Jakob stainless steel ropes, rods and mesh achieving a cost-effective green wall structure

SM Panel installation - Lotte Tower in Seoul. Fire Safe (NS-EN ISO Harmful Substance Removal & Deodorization (JEM and Acoustic Insulation (KS F - Houses interior designs

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 Gregory Polleta and Sung Jang created Topiade, a facade resembling French topiary in the form of the highly recognizable Louis Vuitton print. Creative Advertising, Facade Design, Wall Design, Hoarding Design, Retail Facade, Shops, Shop Fronts, Facade Architecture, Construction

Slick Storefronts: 12 Cool & Clever Retail Facades

An amp-shaped guitar store, a topiary facade in Louis Vuitton’s signature print and 10 more retail storefronts that stand out from the commercial crowd.

i like the cleanliness and different shades. very palm springsy to me?

Vertical Green

Vetical Gardens A vertical garden can be produced inexpensively with yard netting as well as a few of your preferred climbing plants. DIY Projects - Develop a Do It Yourself Outdoor Living Wall Surface Vertical Garden Planter

Skyrise Greenery

The Designer and his Vertical Garden!

GreenWall - Curitiba, Brazil

The Designer and his Vertical Garden!