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Stunning photos capture the Milky Way arching over volcanoes These photos, taken by Steve Lance Lee around Malaysia and East Java Indonesia, show stunning starscapes over volcanoes. The Milky Way gala Landscape Photography Tips, Landscape Photos, Nature Photography, Photography Aesthetic, Aerial Photography, Night Photography, Beautiful Sky, Beautiful Landscapes, Cosmos

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Deserts, oceans, tundras, and forests—we've curated a selection of photographs to inspire the nature photographer in you.

'Free-Floating' Black Hole Responsible For One of Hubble's Big Discoveries? Looking through the physics book I came across the black hole. If you went through a black hole your body would be stret.

'Free-Floating' Black Hole Responsible For One of Hubble's Big Discoveries?

Get Me Off This Rock is a distant memory by now, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't bring you word that one of space's most mysterious phenomena is one step closer to being solved.

Sombrero Galaxy is one of the largest in nearby Virgo cluster of galaxies. A dark band of dust obscures the mid-section in optical light but glows brightly in infra-red light; as recorded by the orbiting Spitzer Space Telescope.

Milky Way Galaxy So beautiful, Milky Way over the lighthouse Beautiful Sky, Beautiful Landscapes, Beautiful World, Beautiful Flowers, Night Photography, Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Photography Lighting, Landscape Photos

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Man Made Lighthouse Rock Ocean Sea Sky Night Starry Sky Wallpaper Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Landscape Photos, Night Photography, Landscape Art, Photography Tips, Travel Photography, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Pictures

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When it comes to tourist inspiration, Instagram's got no shortage of it. In fact, the site is (probably) the leading social platform for outstanding photos of

Hubble Space Telescope NGC 1097 is a barred spiral galaxy about 45 mly away in the constellation Fornax. It was discovered by Herschel on NGC 1097 is also a Seyfert galaxy. Cosmos, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Constellations, Spiral Galaxy, Space Photos, To Infinity And Beyond, Deep Space, Space Travel


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Breathtaking Night Sky and Landscape Photography by Daniel Greenwood 4k Photography, Landscape Photography, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Lighthouse Pictures, Image Nature, Nature Pictures, Belle Photo, Night Skies


On this group we invite you to share your photos of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope: drawings, models, graffiti, pop culture items, anything that depicts Hubble or its discoveries is welcomed. The ESA/Hubble team. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

In this artist rendition a black hole rips apart a star that wandered too close,. In this artist rendition a black hole rips apart a star that wandered too close, creating a beam of energy that traveled.

The 'mayday call' from a murdered star

Astronomers believe they've uncovered the source of a mysterious blast of radiation that reached Earth in late March

Ice halo phenomena including rare suncave and sunvex Parry arcs, helic arcs, and intense supralateral and infralateral arcs. A rare ‘ice halo’ was seen above New Mexico has as the arctic blast. New Mexico, 4k Photography, Arctic Blast, Sky New, Sunrise Pictures, 3d Art, Today Images, Sun Dogs, Land Of Enchantment

Rare 'ice halo' seen in the sky over New Mexico as arctic blast continues to sweep across the US... and the chill is expected to last until at least next Thursday

The optical phenomenon created by light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the sky was captured by photographer Joshua Thomas over the town of Red River.