Cezary Andrzejewski

Cezary Andrzejewski

Aim with the hand, shot with the mind, kill with the heart like arctic ice...
Cezary Andrzejewski
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On the Amazing Spiderman I was the co-supervisor for the construction of the Green Goblin suit along with Lans Hansen. These images show the final suit and some shots of work in progress.

sala de espera barbearia - Pesquisa Google

No idea where this is, but it appears to be a home man cave with a barber shop & waiting room theme. Seems to be an earlier work-in-progress photo of the place in my prior pin. If this is an actual barber shop, I'd love to know its name & location.

From FrogDesign, a concept mask for not only emulating the sound and sight of an experience, but also smell and air quality to give a more in depth experience. many things like this are in development with one or two actually available now.

FUTURE - This futuristic digital mask would emulate the smell, sound and the quality of air for that wonderful fresh experience and also the facial expressions of the user can be detected. (Tuvie - Futuristic Technology, dude this is freakin awesome

Thankfully They're Extinct

No thank you, glad it's extinct. I really don't think we need galloping crocodiles.