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a tall vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a table next to candles
Palm Beach Area Weddings | The Breakers Palm Beach | Caroline & Greg
the tables are set up for an event with white linens and floral centerpieces
Colorful Wedding Florals Around Tent Poles
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a white chair next to lawn chairs
a watering can filled with flowers on top of a table
Spring Floral Inspiration | M&J Blog
people are standing at a table with pizzas on it and there is a sign that says i love you all over the place
Maroni Meadows Wedding, Snohomish | www.joannamonger.com
A photo of catered pizza during a reception for a summer wedding at Maroni Meadows in Snohomish, a wedding venue near Seattle, WA. | Joanna Monger Photography | Seattle & Snohomish Photographer
a sign with flowers on it in the middle of a dirt road next to trees
What is a Natural & Organic Styled Wedding - emberandstoneevents.com
a basket filled with lots of different colored pieces of cheese on top of green grass
23 Seasonal Summer Wedding Favors
Get the best summer wedding favor ideas here, which range from useful to unique.