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Sans ^w^

Sans ^w^

If I had a power like this, this would be my attitude with it btw I can't tell who's art it is I can't read what it says in the corner SO CRED TO PERSON ON THE LINK IN THE CORNER

sans and papyrus - skelebros comic

My brother isn't dangerous by zarla on DeviantArt

[Some Mild Spoilers Ahead?] Some people expressed concern at the last comic that Sans might get hurt roughhousing with his brother since he only has 1 hp. Sans would be perfectly safe! Papyrus is t.

[UNDERTALE SPOILERS] If the main character were to react to the fall in the intro sequence like a normal person.

So there's that bit in New Home that goes "Injured by its fall, the human called out for help" and after doing the murder run, I couldn't help but pictu. [UNDERTALE SPOILERS] A call for something anyway

Sans and Frisk - that's one thing about Frisk. You can never tell if they have their eyes open

When I first played the game, I waited ten minutes coz I thought she was still unconscious, and the screen had frozeb

scotchtapeofficial - Sans

Sans *you feel your sins crawling on your back*

Exactly what I thought of

Exactly what I thought of (Undertale/Adventure Time crossover)

I love how it just goes to caring to "hurry up sans your to slow!" to "sans..if you don't wanna go ill just drag you there"

Sans and Papyrus Undertale, Underswap, Underfell

*You have the feeling that you will need to Slam Dunk the Slam Dunker.

Sans: Yep, the kid is amazing huh? Frisk: *thumbs up Me: *backs out of the room while doing finger guns


At first glance i thought these were photographs then i was like wait but undertale