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a person is cutting up some meat on a wooden board with spices and seasoning
Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce
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a wine bottle sitting on top of a table next to a basket filled with food
10 Ways to Set An Outdoor Table - Sanctuary Home Decor
several pictures of different types of food on a table
Waffle and chicken bar for graduation It is done and came out nice. Couldn’t use smaller serving plates because of the quantity but still awesome! Fried Chicken tenders, Belgian waffles, French toast sticks, bacon. Toppings were whipped butter, spicy honey butter, syrup, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, mini choc chips, honey, choc & caramel sauce & whip topping! Used metal tubs with ice & drinks in pre poured 8 oz plastic jugs!!! #wafflebar #chickenandwaffles #graduationparty #brunch
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an assortment of cheeses and crackers on a cutting board
Winter Cheese Board | Zestful Kitchen
a platter filled with meats, vegetables and bread
Antipasto Board with Burrata & Burst Tomatoes – Quarter Soul Crisis
a salad with tomatoes, olives, mozzarella and spinach on it
How to Make a Stunning Caprese Salad Platter | foodiecrush.com
Burrata cheese, marinated mozzarella balls, tomatoes, and fresh stone fruit are laid out on a platter making this and easy self-serve salad or appetizer.
some food is laying out on a cutting board next to wine glasses and other foods
Recipe: Mini Beef Wellington with Creamy Horseradish Sauce
an assortment of breads and dipping sauces on a cutting board with lemons
A Bread + Oil Appetizer Dipping Station
How to Make Ham Roses For Charcuterie Board
This Charcuterie Board with ham, pepperoni, and salami roses is an elegant and delicious meat and cheese board to serve up guests. I walk you through how to make meat roses with wine glasses.
Salami Rose 🌹🤩