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a man's chest with an image of two lions and planets on the side
230+ Lioness Tattoo Ideas and Designs (2024)
230+ Lioness Tattoo Ideas and Designs (2022) - TattoosBoyGirl
a black and white drawing of a woman with a rose in her hand, covering her face
Chicano Girl
a drawing of a crown on top of a piece of paper with watercolor pencils next to it
a black and white tattoo design with roses, dices and a banner on it
a woman with tattoos on her arm sitting in a car
a drawing of a bottle with a key attached to it, and the caption how to care for a new color tattoo?
four different types of tattoos with flowers and skulls on the side, one is black and white
a drawing of a heart shaped bottle with leaves around it
a skull and rose tattoo on the leg is shown in black and grey ink, with leaves around it