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Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! I keep telling Jesse this is why I have a hard time hearing things, my inner monologue is too loud!

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋️ << SO TRUE!<<< my mind is ALWAYS full with 1 million things at once, i often get headaches bc of it and sleeping is nearly impossible if im not reeealy tired

The point is, everyone can fuck off!!!

My mum is finally realising that i'm not a little girl anymore and i'm trustworthy and independent and it's made me much happier to know she trusts and believes in me. (How lame). I'm so grateful for her YAY FOR SWAG MUMS

Thangka Avalokitesvara #Tibetan # Thangka

Thangka of Avalokitesvara ~ the thousand armed form but with a vast number of heads too. (my neck struggles sometimes with the weight of just one head, so feel real compassion for him!