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Pasta Mia Pizza Box

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You Want This Pizza Box � Trust Me

This is the biggest thing to happen to pizza since it was invented. This incredible new pizza box changes everything!

A pizza oven designed to look like a pizza box. This compact, square oven cooks fresh pizza, frozen pizza, and can reheat cold pizza. For a person or family that eats a lot of pizza, this little device makes the cooking process easy and quick.

Pizza Box: The Tabletop Pizza Oven

There's never a cold slice left in this pizza box! The Pizza Box pizza oven is a great small appliance for pizza lovers everywhere.

Pizza Delivery Box Mockup

Buy Pizza Delivery Box Mockup by AlvessDesign on GraphicRiver. Save time and design your own Pizza Box with this Pizza Delivery Box mock-up.

VIDEO: Behold! The World’s Smartest Pizza Box

VIDEO: Behold! The world's smartest pizza box

Lifestyle website Inhabitat recently introduced us to “the world's smartest pizza box”—the “GreenBox” is an “eco-friendly,.