Catherine Rooney
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This anchor chart pairs with FREE printable constructive response questions for the students.

This ready to print-'n-go resource challenges students to perform 30 intentional acts of kindness in 30 days! Print it today and use it tomorrow to build a strong classroom community and help your students make a positive difference in their world!

Bookmarks: language for classroom collaboration. Use these to help your students communicate with groups, patterns, or whole class discussion. 21st century skills.

Editor's note: We are so inspired by third grade teacher-adviser, Beth Orticelli, from Illinois, who uses Storyworks to draw students into studying “text features” in such a creative way. Her decidedly precise approach to helping students make meaning from text, “Surgery Day,” as she calls it, has children scan nonfiction stories for text features, and they love every minute of it...

This Homemade Weed Killer Has One Super Surprising Ingredient

Fun FREE way to practice classroom procedures the first week of school. Have…

Branches of Government anchor chart :)

Beginning of the year #math activity to get the kids thinking mathematically and interested in numbers again! Blog post via Shut the Door and Teach