Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika cathriney

Slöjden - Carving a wooden spoon from bent wood.

might be long and intense process, but wouldn't it be neat to (have your husband) carve bowls and spoons?

Amazing resource! Bush craft techniques: from carving bowls to making fishing baskets.

One of my two favorite tool makers. Del Stubbs at PineWood Forge makes these. I own all but three tools.

Spoon Carving with Barn The Spoon

Making wooden kitchen spoons and similar utensils

Beginner's Whittling Guide: The Knives, Skills, & Wood Needed provides fantastic guidance as well as techniques to woodworking

Drawings of spoons found at Novgorod Medieval Archaeological dig.

Juan van der Hamen y Leon - Still Life with Sweets (1622)