Driftwood Heart 02 - Pyrography, natural pigment and pastel on poplar (turmeric, red cabbage, beet, and pomegranate, indigo) - by Fay Helfer

heyheyjules: Like a wildflower, she grew in all the places people never thought…

not only do I love tea but the vintage style of a true teacup and saucer is beautiful. Would be a truly unique to me tattoo.


Hope tattoo with arrows signifying life pulling you back, but the importance of maintaining aim and being patient and once it lets go you will reach your goal

Elf Archer Forest Spirit Goddess Antler Female Nature Deity Sacred Geometry Original Illustration Portrait Poster Print - 4 Sizes Available


'Reach For The Moon' Astronauts Climbing Rope Into Space - Plywood Wood Print Poster Wall Art


Old pagan symbol for LOVE.Orenda symbol connect the energy of the Universe with your intention for change.Most important gift to me is the personal symbol - the sacred geometry of your personal time. It is made of oil on canvas, varnished. The picture is by measures 11.9 inches (30 cm) square block with canvas stretched over it and stapled on the edges. All paintings are original and there are no duplicates, so you will own the only copy! Please message me with any questions or comments. ...


Look at this Bull Head Floral Bouquet Art Print on #zulily today! Sucker cake


We have 10 romantic love quotes and romantic quotes that every couple will appreciate and adore.


The Mermaid, Alfred Tennyson - From The Tall Book of Make Believe - Pictures by Garth Williams - Copyright 1950

Skull Tattoos Designs for Men - Meanings and Ideas for Guys


Octopus tattoo design although I don't really like the look I like the idea :)