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Turkey tail- a medicinal mushroom used to modulate the immune system and prevent cancer. #myherbalstudies #turkeytailmushroom #herbalmedicine

#ConflictFree #MontanaSapphires come from the gemstone variety of corundum and come in almost every color! #Ido #GreenLakeJewelry

HUBBLE LAUNCH 1990 The Space Shuttle Discovery on it’s way to space with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Credit: NASA/ESA

9 Ways Your Life Will Improve When You Declutter | The Tao of Dana

ROYAL SAHARA JASPER designer cab Silverhawk's designer gemstones. Royal Sahara jasper was found in the North African Sahara desert by George and Janet Sechler, owners of Oasis Prospecting.

Acquamarina (varietà i Berillo) with muscovite Nagar, Hunza Valley, Gilgit District, Northern Pakistan. 320x180 mm

Space Shuttle. It's hard to judge the true size of the boosters and the shuttle itself.

Semiprecious gemstones are often found within larger stones.

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Dinosaur Carving in Amber - The Greeks called amber "elektron," or “made by the sun.” Homer praised its bright glow. The Egyptians buried it in tombs for the afterlife. Today’s scientists value amber too: it provides a three-dimensional window into prehistoric ecosystems through the myriad animal and plant inclusions it contains.

Carina Nebula. Pinner wrote: When I consider lots of tones and sounds coming together this is the image I think. Lots of different colours colliding and flowing in deep waves and strokes To find out more about the age of the #Universe, read this article and see how old the Universe actually is:

Jupiter Rising by Alexis Birkill To learn more about galaxies, check out #Astronomy Is Awesome -

LAW OF ATTRACTION framed sacred crystal grid by CrystalGrids, $38.00


This diagram shows our cosmic address at a glance. We see our planetary system around the Sun, our stellar neighborhood in our galaxy, our galaxy in the local group of galaxies, and our group in the entire universe.

◽️ Schizophyllum commune fungus ~ By Viliam Ridzoň

International Space Station. I know this dream will probably be one that won't come true, but i'd. Like to dream about it still.

UK Astronaut Tim Peake's Exhilarating Spacewalk: View 2 | NASA ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Tim Peake seen during his first spacewalk. Peake and NASA astronaut Tim Kopra conducted a spacewalk on Jan. 15, 2016 and successfully replaced a failed voltage regulator that caused a loss of power to one of the station’s eight power channels in Nov. 2015. The pair ended its spacewalk early after Kopra reported a small water bubble had formed inside his helmet.