"Courage, wisdom born of insight and humility, empathy born of compassion and love, all can be bequeathed by a horse to his rider." Charles de Kunffy.

Orange + white: Beautiful! More pumpkin projects:

Midwest Living

Banana-Blueberry Overnight Oats

A Pumpkin And A Princess

With the Hot Ash, we realized that we could make a camping, bushcraft stove that made it easy to cook, boil water, and a myriad of other things in an efficient and safe manner. The design of this stov

Hot Ash Stove

Une maison de plage contemporaine | | PLANETE DECO a homes worldPLANETE DECO a homes world

Temple & Webster blog

DIY Cinnamon Candle. Can't get any easier than this and makes your house smell great!

Gettin' My Healthy On

Ooh, I really like this! concrete and grass, kind of reminds me of where the yellow brick road starts in Munchkin Land

Rock n Roll Problems

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